Current Services

At present, CUP offers ESOL classes (English for Speakers of Other Languages), assistance with obtaining a Permanent Resident card and coaching throughout the Naturalization process. We also help prepare for the driver’s license exam and provide job readiness training. 

Youth Services

CUP believes in the importance of youth empowerment and mobilization, and to that end, CUP wishes to provide social and educational services to the children of the refugee and immigrant families we serve. 

Services for Women

At CUP we believe that the empowerment of women leads to the betterment of both the family and the community. We plan to help facilitate skills development and the economic empowerment of women in the community.  In addition, we will conduct educational programs and workshops for parents to increase their knowledge of the physical and emotional  health and development of children.

Language Services

CUP is dedicated to providing quality interpretation services in a variety of languages to the community we serve.  These services will be offered in healthcare and social service settings as well as in schools.  Our translators and interpreters are respectful of the importance of confidentiality 

Housing Assistance

We intend to assist people in obtaining affordable housing, in connecting prospective tenants with landlords, and in educating people about the rights of tenants. 

Healthcare Awareness

We plan to offer health awareness programs to increase the knowledge of health issues in the community, including nutritional awareness.  Since healthcare insurance is indispensable for every individual who resides in the U.S., we plan to provide assistance in accessing health insurance, and in understanding the details of health insurance policies